Dec 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to them :)

Assalamualaikum uols :)

Sooo this few days ni mmg banyak ulangtahun kelahiran org ke ek? Boleh laa buat 'entry tergabung' utk wish semua orang dalam masa yang sama. hewhewhew :3

Firsttt my little brother-yang-perasan-hensem-tapi-memang-tak-dinafikan-agak-hensem-cuma-masalahnya-nakal-sedikit punya birthdayy on 24 Disember. Birthday dia paling bestt sebab ibu masak special sungguh that dayy. Ikan siakap 3 rasa, marvellous! Malam tu pulak shopping sakan kat Jusco. ewahhh bahagia sungguh budak kecik tuuu. Anywayy, angah harap abang belajar rajin-rajin ye. Bagi dpt no1 dalam kelas tauuu ^_^

Malas nak upload pic dia sensorang *sbb kak dia nk interframe skali*

The second one is miss Nur Fatini Kamaruzzaman. Which was on 26 December. You know what tini you should do majlis kesyukuran sebagai mengingati kematian mangsa-mangsa Tsunami yang terkorban. hewhewhew :3

The next is my favourite uncle and always be :P Encik Muhsin Jafre tapi orang tu dah pergi ke DD. Enjoy your holiday kat sana ya uncle. Nanti dah balik aku bagi your birthdayy present itupun dengan syarat yang telah kita persetujui bersama. Ahaks ;)

And last but not least my little sister. Yeahh again its my adik's birthdayy. But this time berkongsi tarikh dengan pakcik atas ni which is on 27 December. Last night we celebrate kecil-kecilan saja di rumah. Gabung sekali birthday abang and adik.

Okayy why the candle is 4 and 2? Its simply because sorang in Standard 2 and another one is in Standard 4. =D

Thats all peeps. Tangan tak larat nak menaip dah. May Allah bless :)

Dec 27, 2011

Farewell aiman farewell

Assalamualaikum peeps :)

Picture yang menarik captured by syahmi. credits to him. Oh yaa so this-so-annoying-but-awesome-person had left 4 of us. Went to ALAM (Akademi Laut Malaysia) in Malacca doing foundation in marine engineering (tk igt course tp ME kot) for 6 months. Yeahh I repeat SIXXXXX months. Orang p PLKN pun 3 months saja kot. Anyway, we wished all the best for you pakcik aiman ! :)

Today is the registration day so Im sure you wont be reading this, hahaha. Our last day with him was memorable. Lepas habis kemas barang around 12 midnight Azrin and Syahmi berkejaran dengan Aiman just to put mayonis on his face. Hahaha they looked so childish and immature =p but it was really fun. Nisah and me just watched and laughed at the 'kiddos' hehe ;D

So after the mission accomplished we made a circle around him and its the time for the wishes. Oh wishes again. I dont prepare the script so I dont say anything. Ngehehe but I did sent him a text last night. Biasa laa pekerja terbaik harian mestilah kena menghargai big boss :D We gave him a picture so that he wont forget all of us. Hope so! And took a few pictures yeahhh midnight pictures

Sorry but I have to make the picture in grey and white because it was so huduhhh. Hahah! That little boy is Ilham. "Ilham, Ilham sayang Kak Anis kan?" okayy perasannn :/

Sooo that video is the part of where the wishes come. Hewhewhew :3 Its so dark so you just listen to it. Well itu pun if you want to. =) Okayy lets end this entry with this picture that I cilok from google. Thanks pakcik Google!

Thats all. May Allah bless =)

Dec 22, 2011

Business girl am I ? :D

Assalamualaikum :)

Ayat piawai reason tak update blog *Ive been so busy* Okayokayy let me explain here. Ehem ehemm I have a very tight schedule right now. Cewahhh! Dengan ini saya mengumumkan pembukaan gerai kecik molek saya yang terletak berhadapan dengan Surau At-Taqwa. Surau tu kat mana? Sila search dalam Google Earth. ekekeke . okayy its in Taman Ria Fasa 2. okay bebeh? :)

Actually its not mine 100% but lets just consider me as the CEO. hua3~ marah yang lain-lain nanti. lek lekk brother :D  gerai apa nak tau? but I think many of you memang dah tau tapi bagitau jugak la ye. Double A Corner menyediakan perkhidmatan menjual burger terbaik di abad ini! *Maaf agak hiperbola disitu* Soooo like I said its not mine 100% because Im just one of the sharepartner tapi biasalah perasan madam besar. ehehe :D

Untung tau dapat sharepartner yang rajin2 ni. Baik pula tuuu *modal nak mengampu* Oh yaaa saya perkenalkan sharepartner saya yang rajin-rajin belaka from left azrin,aiman and nisah :) Ada lagi seorang tapi tak diklasifikasikan sebagai sharepartner tapi sebagai penyibok+tukang basuh+pegawai JAKIM =D sebab beliau akan memastikan barang-barang kami ditanggung HALAL ^,^

The best part is we are all from different school. But we can unite sebab we are best friends since primary school lagi :) Ada MRSM Taiping, MRSM Langkawi, SMK Ibrahim and our pegawai JAKIM is from SBPI Kubang Pasu. Im the one yang sekolah cikai-cikai. sobs sobs. Tapi kan they never underestimate me and yeah they are awesome eh super awesome okay. Ngeee. Okayy stoppp. So our business ehh business la kann starts from after Asar until 11.30 pm everyday. Jemput datang jemput singgah. Burger free tiada dalam kamus. ehehe :D Dan akan berterusan lah business ini sampai result keluar ;) Semoga dapat keuntungan yang banyak-banyak. InsyaAllah cari rezeki dengan cara yang halal kan.

p/s : Every morning keluar breakfast dengan 'sharepartners' and each day akan ada different turn untuk one of us yang belanja breakfast :3 after breakfast shopping barang-barang niaga and then sampai rumah rehat kejap then lunch. 5 pm 'masuk kerja' until 12 midnight. Pack sangat ke? Tak kot, saja overwhelmed =p

Dec 6, 2011

From CH with love :)

Assalamualaikum readers :)

How are you? Doing fine? Alhamdulillah :) Nah strawberry from Cameron Highlands. Ramai yang terkejut I went to CH secara tiba-tiba jaaa. Heee takkan la nak kena heboh satu dunia pulak kan. Tapi sejak habis paper haritu memang keroje berjalan je deme ni. Memang tak reti dok umah sungguh. Ngee aktiviti timbal balik zaman darurat haritu. Kan kena perintah berkurung. Haha

Okayy Im not going to update about my vacation yet. Just a topic-less update sebab tangan gatal nak update padahal taktau nak update menda hapa. Errr actually I was thinking to write a short story and a cerpen in English and Malay. Kalau cerpen tu boleh hantar kat tapi kalau short story tu nak send kat mana erkkkk? Simpan je laaa dalam komputer then kumpul-kumpul boleh jadi novel. Wohooo novelist la pulakkk kan. Well I love writing ! :)

Bytheway, I know I am hiding the pain. I know I know but what more can I do? I hope this thing never happen. Told yaa  A GENTLEMAN RULE : NEVER GIVE A GIRL CHANCE WHEN SHE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A SINGLE CHANCE. Sudah sudahhh makin lama makin sakit hati la pulak eh. Kbai

Nov 11, 2011

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia

Assalamualaikum readers :)

Well really its been a while I didnt update my blog. Hahahaha no Im not malas to update but I just dont have the right time. Ecehh serupa skrg ni the right time. Okayy attention saya nak buat pengumuman sikit. Ehem ehemmm *cover suara* this will be my last update before the SPM starts.

Nothing much to share about. But this entry will be something about the majlis restu and the last day of my intensive class which ends today. Sobs sobs. We'll go for the majlis restu first. We were given 2 pens ohhh thank youuu so much. And asking for the blessing from pengetua, our beloved ustazah. At least my beloved ustazah ^^ *she taught me lots of things* Rata-rata my friends dah mula buat drama air mata time dengan pengetua but its not happening to me. Hati keras. Hahahaha. But when I met up and hugged Teacher Yati and listened to her last advices, well I start to _________. *fill in the blank with the correct word* Time tu baru rasa touched gila. "saya nak kamu score straight A's.nak tengok kamu sbg pelajar melayu yang akan naik pentas masa ambil result nnt" and after that is censored. Well that goes the same to Teacher Asnie, my form teacher. Script yang lebih kurang sama. At that time I just realised yang begitu berat harapan yang disandarkan atas bahu ini...

And I know I shouldnt make them feel disappointed especially my parents. I know my parents want the straight A's from me and they know that I am capable to do that. I myself know that I am capable enough but I cant help myself from thinking that something bad might happen. Teacher Yati once said "hang ni banyak negatif sangat". Errr yaaaa i admit that. She said to me after that just do your best and forget about what the results will be. And that is what I am training myself to do especially my mind ! I have determined that I will be getting the top student's title with a flying colour result. Amin ya rabbal a'lamin.

We'll proceed to the intensive class. That is why I dont have the right time to update. Im attending the intensive class on this 4 consecutive days which starts on the 3rd raya on selasa petang. From 5 pm to 7 pm then continue from 8 to 10 pm. For four days ! Special for chemistry and physic. Its help a lot. I'll be missing sir. For four years I've been with Sri Astana and I hope to see Sir again. Memang rasa sedih masa nak habis class tadi. Sobs sobs. And before I left sir said "you two are very special to me" referring to me and nisah. Really memang sedih. Thank you for everything sir !

Well the time will come to the end where I'll be leaving all the school stuffs and bla3. Maybe its a sad ending but I hope this will be a good start for a brighter future soon. InsyaAllah. All the very best to all the SPM candidates. May we are all blessed and get a good result in the exam ! I always pray for all my friends success. Remember that. Ganbatte ! Chaiyokkk ! Be the best, beat the rest !

Good night. May you have a nice day ahead peeps. Assalamualaikum :)

Oct 23, 2011

Blue Terrorist

Assalamualaikum :)

Apa khabar org kampung? Apa motif letak nama kat atas tu? Hahaha itu nama untuk cabutan bertuah dan saya sememangnya tak pernah nak bertuah. Sobs sobs. Okay stop it.

A quick post about the prefects banquet last Saturday. It was held at Kelab BLM. Urghhhh much more boringgggggg than last year. At least last year is much better although perasaan boring tu tetap ada. But anyhow all of us try to enjoy ourself and get rid of the 'boring' part.

Well waktu sampai kat sana dah start makan. Yesss thats great. Dont have to listen to all the kata aluans or whatsoever it is called. Heheh teroks ;p So lets go through the pics okayy ?

They have got their food when I arrived. There were spaghetti, fried rice, laksa, chickens, bla bla bla. Lots more but the food were not too deliciousss. Hahaha. Biasa laa makan kat tempat2 mcm ni bukannya nk sedap mana sgt pon :3

Kuan Che played an English song, but pity him due a technical problem we cant hear him clearly.

I like this picture. Firdaus was trying to say something when I took his photo. =D

Well this is what we got after 2 years being a prefect. Hoho. Worth it much o.O

This boy is a Form Four student from SMKTRJ. Lalalala ~ its Hakim. Part time worker there. Ain dok beramah mesra dengan dia. Hahaha :P I dont know whether Ain really likes him or its just a scandal :P

My best buddy =D But you know that you always annoy me with all the "alphabets" ASAF2RH and bla3. But i'll never told you abt BTP :P

Well. this is abg and adik kesayangan semua org. But they hate it when we called them as abg adik. Especially dino. Hahaha. Alololo sweetnyaaa ;p

The banquet should ended at 6 pm. But there were quite a number of prefects that 'cabut lari' awal. Hahaha but we didn't. So we decided to sing. Hahahahaha =)) Malu teroks but when we realised that this will be our last year soooo aci main redah je laa ! Peace (^,^)

Well today is 23rd October. So it means that another 3 weeks left for the big exam. My feelings? Hahah Sometimes I feel like just wanna runaway from all this but sometimes I feel like ohhh time move faster plishhh I cant wait to feel the freedom :D Multiple personality disorder, am I ? Hahaha.

Okayyy got to gooo ! Biology Paper 1 Pahang Trial is waiting for me to be completed up. We'll see again in the next entry. May you have a nice day ahead peeps. Bonne nuit and take care ! :)

Oct 14, 2011

Sweet Seventeen :)

Assalamualaikum :)

And like always the day will come. 12 October had gone again and I am officially seventeen. Ibu cakap sweet seventeen yang orang dok tunggu tunggu. Well I dont even know where is the sweet-ness ?

Hanisah memang advance gilaa lah. 2 days before day wish siap dengan hadiah sekali. And the second one is Aina. Memang happy becoming birthday gak arr. Thank youuu <3

Exactly 12 midnight handphone pun berbunyi. Actually tak sampai 12 lagi dah masukkkk message, Aina punya kerjaa. Jam dia cepat sangat lettew :P And the wishes are too cute and funny too ! Thanks for the remembrance =)

And talking about the gifts, suddenly I got a collection of domo's. Heeee really love itttt ! ^.^
One pencil case and another one is a handphone casing. RAWR !
Oh yaa and nisah again memang suka buat aku rasa nak nangis sebab terharu :P boleh pulak ye cakap nak p medan selera jaaa but then bawak sampai ke frutti frutti ! thankkk youuuu macekkk ! ily ! :)

You're my bodyguard, my shining knight in armour and my best friend ! and will always be :)

Lai lai lai ~ ice cream freeeeee =D

Mukaaa tak sabaq nak makannn XD

Macam pakcik polis traffik yg tengah bg arahan jaa ;p

Memang hodoh tapi mcm comel la plaks :D

Okbai ! nak balikkk dahhh ;)

Thanks againnn for those who remember my birthdayy ! I really love the wishes, cards and presents ! Ohh ya the treats too :) May this 17 will give lots of new experience in teaching me to be more matured in life. =)

Thats all for now ! Will update again soon. Till then, take care ! Bye and assalamualaikum peeps :)

p/s : Is there anybody who wish to add up my domo's collection? Dipersilakannnn its my pleasure. Heeeee =D

Sep 7, 2011

Eid:SPM-ers version

Assalamualaikum readers :)

Hey you long time no see ah ? ohh so sooryyyy i've been so malas to update here. heheh but really its been such a long time since my last update aite ? Well lets see raya version SPM candidates :D

Well my raya goes well. Actually very well hihihi. I love this 2011's Eid :) And im enjoying it so much. But luckily my weight is just still the same :D (ramai yg jealous ok) For me this raya is merrier than last year. I really dont know why but the 'feel' is so much different. Hahaha even ibu said that I looked so happy this raya :)

And my family's theme for this year is pink ! (muehehe) *sila rujuk picture di atas* At first ayah was like ''pink?tak mau cntik lgsung" heheh I know ayah mesti tanak punya pakai colour pink. But at last he bought pink baju melayu jgk ! We all like yeayyy ! And my lil brother looked so jambu wearing that pink. Hahaha. During Jumaat prayers, dia lagi rela wore last year punya baju melayu which is orange in colour as long as he didn't wear that pink baju melayu. He said "malu la abang, nnt kawan2 gelak kt abang." Hahaha pity him :D

And I enjoy eating so much this few weeks. We went beraya so much and every house I went for sure I'll eat something there. Hihihihi (okayy I had perot tongdrums ok) And we all dah susun jadual every saturday to rumah cikgu and friends. And its fully packed. Ngehngehngeh :3 I love to makan !

Okayyy the rest let the picture do the talking :)

Credits to Gulamanis for the pictures :)

Thats all ! Will update again soon :) Take care, bye ! As-salam.

p/s : I like this new interface for blogspot :)

Aug 5, 2011

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak :)

Assalamualaikum wbh :)

Already 5th of August and that means it is the fifth day of Ramadhan Kareem. Ahlan Wasahlan Ya Ramadhan Al Mubarak, kedatanganmu amat kami nantikan. Harap-harap Ramadhan kali ini dapat dimanfaatkan dengan sebaik mungkin. InsyaAllah.

I've read an article about Lailatul Qadar in Al-Islam that day and it touched me so much. How I wish that I can have that malam yang lebih baik dari seribu bulan itu. Boleh jadi ini Ramadhan yang terakhir buat kita tambahan lagi sekarang ni pun dah menghampiri ke akhir zaman. Adakah cukup bekalan kita utk bertemu Yang Maha Kuasa nanti ? MasyaAllah..

Teringat cerita ustaz Fakhrul yesterday morning, puasa pun ada banyak jenis. Adakah puasa kita just untuk menahan diri dari makan dan minum ? ATAU puasa yang sebenar-benarnya puasa ? puasa tapi tak solat, puasa tapi tak tutup aurat, puasa tapi tak jaga percakapan dan penglihatan. Puasa itu satu kewajipan dan yang lain-lain tu juga satu kewajipan. Its like buat satu benda wajib but at the same time buat kemungkaran. Dapat pahala untuk puasa and then kutip jugak dosa free. MasyaAllah takutnya.

Memang la umat sekarang ni umat akhir zaman kan? Tak mau cakap kat sapasapa tapi just nak muhasabah diri sendiri. Kadang kadang kita terleka sampai kita tak tau benda yang kita buat tu sebenarnya salah dan tiada sesiapa yang mengingatkan kita. Bila kita baca baru kita tau and alhamdulillah I feel so happy that my friends pun dah mula suka baca Al-Islam :) Teruskan baca yaa, sesungguhnya banyak benda yang kita tak tau lagi sebenarnya.

Demi Masa. Sesungguhnya semua manusia itu dalam kerugian. Kecuali mereka yang beriman dan beramal soleh. Dan berpesan pesan pada kebaikan dan kesabaran. (Al Asr : 1-4 )

Changing to good isn't a crime. Bulan puasa ni latihkan diri supaya bersabar, kalau rasa nak marah tu cepat ucap Astaghfirullahalazim. Jaga percakapan, jangan cepat sangat keluar perkataan pelik-pelik. Sebenarnya kita tak perlukan seseorang yang sempurna untuk menegur kita kan ? Because everybody is not perfect. But we can change ourself into a better person. Dont we ? :)

p/s : I really love the song Puteriku Sayang by Mestica. First time dengar ada abang ni post kan kat wall adik perempuan dia. Mcm sweet kan ada abg cmtu? Korus dia 'Malumu mahkota yang tidak perlukan singgahsana. Tetapi ia berkuasa menjaga diri dan nama. Tiada siapa yang akan boleh merampasnya melainkan kau sendiri yang pergi menyerah diri. Ketegasanmu umpama benteng negara dan agama. Dari dirobohkan dan jua dari dibinasakannya. Wahai puteriku sayang kau bunga terpelihara. Mahligai syurga itulah tempatnya' Makna yang mendalam ohh I love it !

Jul 22, 2011

Pulau Aman : bundles of memories (part II)

Salam penghulu segala hari :)

Hari Jumaat yang indah. mari kita sambung dengan cerita Pulau Aman part II :D *bak kata ain dh mcm drama la plak. theheehee :)

Okayy lepas ja habis survival, our next activity is rafting ! Tapi disebabkan raft tu ada tak banyak so dalam one time just 4 groups ja yang dilepaskan dahulu. Mula mula dengar taklimat dulu, after that buat senaman ringan sikit and then here it goes ! ^____________^

Tekun dok dengar taklimat :D 

Semua tgh buat ala-ala Usop Wilcha ^^
Okayyy masa untuk memakai benda alah ini. ketatkan yaa XD
And here we gooooo ! ;)
This one too. Joy yeahh :D
Habis aje rafting kitorang get ready for the educational trekking ! Semua buat barisan panjang, mulakan pendakian, hehe :D kejap aje pon actually but it was really curam. hoho ~ and for the first time I dont know why but I'd lost my confidence waktu trekking down from the hill. kesian orang belakang kena tunggu lama. gilaaaa takut nak turun, rasa nak reyau guling guling pon ada gak that time. Huwaaaaaaa :'( sampai pakcik sorang tu tanya, skolah mana ni ? errrrrr errrr bila jawab skola bandar, pkcik tu ckp patot pon. Aahhhh malu malu T_T pakcikkkkkk, sebelum ni perkara yg paling sy suka time camping trekking laa sbb very challenging tp taktau la apa pasal haritu jadi mcm tu. huh ~ okayyy forget about that. jom kita tengok pic pulak ye.

Waktu ni dah ontheway nak naik bukit. weet weet :)

Time ni betul betul kat atas puncak. Srious pemandangan cntik gilaa !
Haaa see ! nampak tk laut kt belakang tu ? :) *sila jeles*
Actually kat tempat depa berdiri ni kan ada tulis SELAMAT DATANG KE PULAU AMAN. kalau kita datang naik bot, dari jauh boleh nampak laaa. best dok kat atas ni :D Lepas tuuu turun sekejap ja around 5 mins dah sampai bawah balik ^____________^

Habis trekking cikgu bagi masa untuk rehat, so kami naik atas dorm mandi lepas tuuu turun bawah balik. Jalan jalan around pulau, weeeeee :)

Jalan-jalan terjumpa dgn 2 org manusia ni, tgkap gmbar la :D

Back to childhood ! :P
Dapat jalan jalan kejap ja pon lepas tuu dh dekat maghrib dh. Lepas isyak, mcm biasa kumpul kat dewan, our second LDK. semua ada 8 groups; so each group kena discuss about hak-hak pengguna. and again my group will be the last one to present. memang sukaa jadi yang last sekali pon, hahaha XD

Tengokk, rajin kan sy ? tuu tgh tulis tuuu yg lain sorg pun tkmau tulis. haishh -_-   
Waktu pembentangan, Kamal memang menarik perhatian org ! haha :D
The one yg tengah ckp tuu, dy ckp best ! bahasa baku ;)

Habis semua pembentangan ni, penyampaian hadiah.semua dapat hadiah, equal ja :) lepas tuu naik dorm tidoq ! :D  Esok pagi, mcm biasa senaman pagi lepas tuu breakfast and then cikgu bagi masa untuk aktiviti sendiri sementara nak tunggu pakcik from KPDNKK dtg bagi ceramah. Tapi kebanyakan orang kemas barang masing masing ja. Time ni semua pakat sedih sebab nak balik dah, sobs sobs. Hahaha semua bising cakap esokk sekolah, mesti penat laa n bla3 . termasuk la kami 4 org. kih3 :D Lepas habis ceramah baru laa the real freedom ! Acara bebassssssssss ! ^_________________^ Nana dengan pqah naik basikal but erel and me jalan je sebab awal tuu dah naik dah basikal, hua3 :P Jalan jalan buat video macam2 .

Benda apa taktau laa :P
Jalan jalan dgn erel smpai ke kawasan belakang ni.jumpa budak2 mad jiwa ni tgkap gmbar dgn depa ^^   

Budak2 laki ni naik kayak ! Jeless +_+ Nak naik jgk tp dh mandi wangi2 dh. tk jd la XD
Pastu 2 org minah basikal ni jumpa kami. tgkap gambo la, apa lg :D
Lepas tu sempat lagi makan ais kacang Pulau Aman. ^_^ Satu ja yang tk sempat, makan kt Restoran Terapung, tk sempat nk singgah makan dh kt situ. after that pkul 1 lunch, lepas solat cikgu suruh pergi tunggu kat jeti. and I left my belalang yg Amin bagi. aloooo ~ kalau dy tau mesti dy sedih. sorry amin !

Atas bot, dah nak dekat sampai kat Jeti Batu Kawan. bye Pulau Aman. alahai sedih T_T
Our last pic dgn Amin and Kamal. pembuat belalang profesional :P Amin yg kiri and Kamal yg kanan :)
And sadly sampai jaaa jeti cikgu cakap budak2 bandar semua pergi kat bas. bas dah sampai, haihh sedih. belalang pun tk sempat nk siap, pqah and nana pakat sedih atas bas. hahahaha. bas mad jiwa tk sampai lagi, memang tkda chance laa nk jumpa sekali lg kat skola. lambat lagi baru depa balik. so ~ goodbye forever. sedihhhhh huuu T_T 

Tapi...... nasib baik la ada facebook pengikat silaturrahim ! ecewahhh :D search2, jumpa jugak facebook depa, hihi :) okayyy kita end entry ni dengan pic di bawah ini yaaaa :))

Heeee sorry guys ! I put this pic :D
Memang semua orang tidoq time ontheway balik tuu. Masing masing kepenatan yang amat sangat. Bas pun sunyi jaa, haha :) And credits to HQ17 Photography for all the photos :D
The sweetest and ever memory ! <3