Sep 7, 2011

Eid:SPM-ers version

Assalamualaikum readers :)

Hey you long time no see ah ? ohh so sooryyyy i've been so malas to update here. heheh but really its been such a long time since my last update aite ? Well lets see raya version SPM candidates :D

Well my raya goes well. Actually very well hihihi. I love this 2011's Eid :) And im enjoying it so much. But luckily my weight is just still the same :D (ramai yg jealous ok) For me this raya is merrier than last year. I really dont know why but the 'feel' is so much different. Hahaha even ibu said that I looked so happy this raya :)

And my family's theme for this year is pink ! (muehehe) *sila rujuk picture di atas* At first ayah was like ''pink?tak mau cntik lgsung" heheh I know ayah mesti tanak punya pakai colour pink. But at last he bought pink baju melayu jgk ! We all like yeayyy ! And my lil brother looked so jambu wearing that pink. Hahaha. During Jumaat prayers, dia lagi rela wore last year punya baju melayu which is orange in colour as long as he didn't wear that pink baju melayu. He said "malu la abang, nnt kawan2 gelak kt abang." Hahaha pity him :D

And I enjoy eating so much this few weeks. We went beraya so much and every house I went for sure I'll eat something there. Hihihihi (okayy I had perot tongdrums ok) And we all dah susun jadual every saturday to rumah cikgu and friends. And its fully packed. Ngehngehngeh :3 I love to makan !

Okayyy the rest let the picture do the talking :)

Credits to Gulamanis for the pictures :)

Thats all ! Will update again soon :) Take care, bye ! As-salam.

p/s : I like this new interface for blogspot :)