Jun 26, 2011

They are great.they are superb..

5Sc1 2011 
Bandarians <3
Ily all ! 

It all begins here. They taught me lots of things in life :) Great and superbly amazing people. Hardworking and studyholic aiming for the best for our SPM ^____________^ 

I still can remember those days in January. how I cried just because the streaming thing and I need to change to 5Sc1. hahaha ~ teriakk kaw kaw punyaa. bikin malu saja, haha :D and also how I scared that I might not be getting along with all the other students. And yeahhh after a month, I was likeee woooow! they are really greatt ! hahah gila-gila jugak rupanya. satu kepala sajaa ~ ngeh3 :) *dah stop flashback-ing*

Back to reality, okayyy here I now, being a part of 5sc1 with all the best teachers teaching us, rasa so grateful sangat-sangat. Kalau tak, tak mungkin la jadi serajin sekarang ni. Heeee :D Everything happens for a reason, just believe it. :)

I LOVE ALL OF YOU ! I'll be missing this one day..

Kbye. As-salam :)

p/s : Orang tuu dah habis merajuk kot.takut la jugak dia mrajuk lama2.nasib baik dh boleh bercakap td.thank youuu :)