Jan 6, 2013

Two zero one three :)

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera, salam satu puncak (Y)

Its been a while I guess. Did anyone miss me or not? :p Well, im still breathing Alhamdulillah. Have been doing great lately hihi cause im having enough nutrition for my body. Hoyeahhh so have you had your shake today? ;) Herbalife is such a good product I guaranteed you that :) Okay stop with the iklan there

Sooo happy new year everybodyyyy! 2012 had come to the end and lets just forget about all the grieve and pain that we suffered from 2012. And for the lovely and good times let it remains forevaaaa in our minds ;) Good times only comes once babyyy.

And 2013 the year where I'll be pursuing my degree. Ohmaiii im feeling so old *tetiba. I dont wanna end this foundation yet. Gonna miss puncak alam and the people and the scenery so damn muchhhh....Seriouslyy..... Its my first time having roomate having housemates and I really love them, sincerely...


Okay. Birthday putuwieee baru je lepas and we made a birthday surprise for her. We had cakes, sticky notes for the wishes, taking lotsa pics like crazy people and talked about courses for the degree soon. And when its time for putri's wishes it was so touching and hazirah did cried! And how she said that she really loved all of us...Ya Allah berikan kami semua pengakhiran yang baik :')

I wanna change my layout and header too but I dont have much time to play with the html code T.T And I dont know when will be my next post. Uhuk uhuk but then keep calm and stay cool peopleeeee! Much loveeeee xoxo ;)