Nov 3, 2013


Assalamualikum dearies :)

I always think that everyone needs a good communication skills. Come to think it back, dont we? Especially when we, as a leader we really need it most. Hm this post may sounds like Im doing an essay but actually not haha. I love to observe people arounds me. Heee

Some of us (bukan semua) throughout their communication with others may sounds like arrogant, boosting themselves, pointing their fingers to others, bossy etc. Dan tak kurang jugak yang macam tanak layan orang, suka menyendiri, buat muka bila cakap dengan orang and blablabla. Well, maybe some people say that "dah perangai kita lain-lain biarlah, dia ada cara dia, aku ada cara aku" And I will take that as yes, thats true!

But....dont you think that if you are communicating with others, it means that there is some sort of perhubungan with 2 parties. Maksudnya its not just about you, it is between you and her/him. So segala jenis perangai kita yang pepelik tadi tu we cant simply main redah guna je. Sebab WARNING! it may cause harm to the other one. Just like how we dont like when people scold us, talking like rubbish to us and blablabla so do others right? Simple je, what you give you get back. Kalau awak cakap bagi orang sakit hati, rasa menyampah cakap dengan awak no doubt that you will experienced it later.

And also we need to know on how to tolerate with others. Especially if you are a leader. A leader is not about commanding others but its about how much you gain respects from your people. Kan best kalau jadi leader yang disenangi semua orang :) So firstly communication skills tu kena betul. Doesnt mean if people ask you rudely, you have to answer rudely. Thats not how a genius leader answers. Use some creativity in answering, that may helps too ;)

Kalau kita cakap elok elok dengan orang, muka happy je suara ceria kan best. Okay la some people muka memang macam agak sombong so macam mana? And takkan la dengan orang yang baru kenal pun nak kena buat suara ceria macam dah kenal 10 tahun kan? Okay we got some exception here haha nak cakap dengan tiada riak di wajah pun boleh la but yang penting your words. Lidah lebih tajam dari mata pedang kan? so words can describe everything. Beware of what comes out from your mouth because that actually reflects you.

Sekian dari saya yang masih membetulkan my communication skills. This is just my opinion and not a fact so dont use it in your essay :p

p/s: sesejak masuk degree ni buat entry pun pasal serious matter je kan hahaha okay lepas ni kita back to childhood sikit eh ahaks