Jan 8, 2012

2012, with love :)

With the name of Allah The Most Gracious and Most Merciful..

Well hello peeps :) Eh wait i need to clean up my blog for a while *vacuuuuuum* okayy done! Its 8th January 2012 and this is my first post in this new year. Ha Ha Ha. Ive been neglecting my little bloggie so much. Forgive me plishhh? *Sambil buat muka innocent*

Sooo wassups? How this new year have changed you all? Well as you can see here Ive changed my blog almost 99.9%. Weee a new look which I guess is more simple. I dont know why but I dont want all the 'rubbish' things anymore. Hik3 This new layout is more simple aite? Agreed with me? Please sayyy yessssss :D 

Okayy lets see what more can I crap here. Hihi. *Recalling* Ive seen somebody posted that we dont have to wait for new year to change. Well I do agree but I also believe that new year can be a good medium for us to start the change. InsyaAllah. So lets us all take the spirit and start to make our new years resolutions to become real! :)

One more thing is I am grateful to Him that I dont have that feeling to celebrate the new year with so much of entertainment like others. Macam pergi sambutan kat luar and so on tu laa. Its just that I dont know why but I feel guilty because I dont celebrate Awal Muharram with so excitement like what other people did. Plus, I dont feel like going out that night. I just dont. So maybe its a good start for me to be a better person? Who knows? :)

Well I do have new years resolution. But Im not going to tell em here like what I did last year. Let them remain secrets hehe :) Enough to say that I am hoping to be a better person plus with a wider knowledge about the real purpose of life. I am learning it day by day. Do pray for me peeps :)

Ohh yaaa actually I have lots of things to share. But I think lets just keep it for the next entry okayy? So that I wont be crapping so much in the next entry. Hihi =p 

Thats all. May we are all blessed.