Nov 11, 2011

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia

Assalamualaikum readers :)

Well really its been a while I didnt update my blog. Hahahaha no Im not malas to update but I just dont have the right time. Ecehh serupa skrg ni the right time. Okayy attention saya nak buat pengumuman sikit. Ehem ehemmm *cover suara* this will be my last update before the SPM starts.

Nothing much to share about. But this entry will be something about the majlis restu and the last day of my intensive class which ends today. Sobs sobs. We'll go for the majlis restu first. We were given 2 pens ohhh thank youuu so much. And asking for the blessing from pengetua, our beloved ustazah. At least my beloved ustazah ^^ *she taught me lots of things* Rata-rata my friends dah mula buat drama air mata time dengan pengetua but its not happening to me. Hati keras. Hahahaha. But when I met up and hugged Teacher Yati and listened to her last advices, well I start to _________. *fill in the blank with the correct word* Time tu baru rasa touched gila. "saya nak kamu score straight A's.nak tengok kamu sbg pelajar melayu yang akan naik pentas masa ambil result nnt" and after that is censored. Well that goes the same to Teacher Asnie, my form teacher. Script yang lebih kurang sama. At that time I just realised yang begitu berat harapan yang disandarkan atas bahu ini...

And I know I shouldnt make them feel disappointed especially my parents. I know my parents want the straight A's from me and they know that I am capable to do that. I myself know that I am capable enough but I cant help myself from thinking that something bad might happen. Teacher Yati once said "hang ni banyak negatif sangat". Errr yaaaa i admit that. She said to me after that just do your best and forget about what the results will be. And that is what I am training myself to do especially my mind ! I have determined that I will be getting the top student's title with a flying colour result. Amin ya rabbal a'lamin.

We'll proceed to the intensive class. That is why I dont have the right time to update. Im attending the intensive class on this 4 consecutive days which starts on the 3rd raya on selasa petang. From 5 pm to 7 pm then continue from 8 to 10 pm. For four days ! Special for chemistry and physic. Its help a lot. I'll be missing sir. For four years I've been with Sri Astana and I hope to see Sir again. Memang rasa sedih masa nak habis class tadi. Sobs sobs. And before I left sir said "you two are very special to me" referring to me and nisah. Really memang sedih. Thank you for everything sir !

Well the time will come to the end where I'll be leaving all the school stuffs and bla3. Maybe its a sad ending but I hope this will be a good start for a brighter future soon. InsyaAllah. All the very best to all the SPM candidates. May we are all blessed and get a good result in the exam ! I always pray for all my friends success. Remember that. Ganbatte ! Chaiyokkk ! Be the best, beat the rest !

Good night. May you have a nice day ahead peeps. Assalamualaikum :)