Jun 22, 2017

The Attachment Diaries – Part 2

With the name of Allah the Most Gracious and Most Merciful

Day 1 (05/06)
Today is the second week of attachment. And first day of attachment in Ramadhan. So, starting today I cant enjoy all the food in cafeteria anymore L But well the best part is we are allowed to go back at 3 pm! Hihi yeay! This week rotation made us to be in Nephro Ward. First impression? A bit scary because I am not really good in renal, kidney, nephro and etc. But this is the time to learn, aite? So, first day is umm a bit of leisure day since our preceptor is not in. So, Oya and me choose our case to clerk. There are soooooooo many people in this unit T_T and mostly presenting with CKD on HD T_T Okay, so we clerk and discuss our case. And then tetiba je its already 3 pm haha time flies so fast during this fasting month uhuk

Day 2 (06/06)
Today, we will meet Puan Ruwaida. Umm feeling nervous a bit, but then she turn out to be someone that is so sporting! Whyyyy all the pharmacists that I meet here semua baik baik uwaaa nak nangis sebab seronok sangat! She corrected our PCI and siap tolong tuliskan sekali dalam cp2 form tu tau! Sempoinya alahai pastu asyik gelak gelak je dengan dia hahaha best discussion ever memang tak stress, no anxiety, no nervous at all.

Day 3 (07/06)
Oh today I am a bit emotional. My patient that I clerk passed away this afternoon. Pagi pagi pergi check progress note and then noted that patient is gasping, sweaty and coolish peripheries. Then, memang commence CPR STAT but patient vomit blood coffee ground. Pastu dah cuak dah bila baca progress note. Thennnn, check sekali lagi around 1 pm patient is already pronounced death at 12.10 pm because of UGIB. Diagnosis is CRBSI caused of ESRF. (Sorry too much jargon here, kalau HCP maybe faham lah kot). But then, sedih sangat. It makes me realised that how close death is to us T________T . And how important proper management to patient to prevent further complications.

Day 4 (08/06)
Final day, we have another discussion with Puan Ruwaida. Its to finalise and to update on our cases with Puan Ruwaida. PCI pun dah much better dah bila masuk second week ni. Takda lah terkial kial cari PCI lagi. And then, before end discussion, sesi QnA sikit dengan Puan Ruwaida, She graduated from UM and kawan PASUM dengan Dr Azyati haha patut lah perangai pun sama je. Gila gila je dedua orang ni. Pastu jadi pharmacist berjaya pulak tuuu uwaaa jelesss! Eh takkk, inspiration haa gitu!

And thats the end of Week 2 in Nephrology Ward. Learnt a LOT OF NEW KNOWLEDGE especially on CKD, ESRF, HD and those related stuffs. Well, I used to dislike all about kidney previously (during high school). Sebab dulu kat sekolah tak faham bila belajar pasal kidney ni hahaha so I simply dislike it. But now, rasa macam nephrology is an important part kot. Its main excretory system for the body so kena lah tahu kan. I think thats all for Week 2, lets wait for next week in Cardio Unit! xoxo