Dec 24, 2015

To the end of 2015

Nothing holds you back more than your own insecurities. 

Dear readers, 

Assalamualaikum. It has totally been such a long time. I thought I have already give up with blogging haha. Seriously I dont have time to blog anymore nowadays. Okay tipu I didnt make time for blogging actually. You can always find time for your beloved one/things k. Okay baikkk

Soooo I just wanna summarize what actually happened through this amazing one whole year of 2015. Because I might be forgetting some of the memories later yeah cause I do have Alzheimer -_- 

Starting the year with final exam (yeah like other degree students would do), January is the month for final examination. Result semester 3 came out Alhamdulillah walaupun bukan dean list but its enough to counter-back my result yang merudum from second semester. So far semester 3 is the best result that I ever had in degree life hahaha sadiss je degree life ni tau. But to take it from positive side, Im starting to love my course and I can make sense of what I am learning now. I can relate with everything that I learned since first semester up until now, the 5th semester which is currently I AM A THIRD YEAR STUDENT. Hahahaha cant believe myself that I actually survive this coursee!! Bravo dearself :') 

Oh yaa Final Year Project.
Selalunya FYP orang buat time final year but that does not apply in BPharm UITM. So yeah the struggle is real and challenging. Kena cari dan baca dan hadam beribu journal dah satu hal, nak taip thesis satu hal, nak prepare for questionnaire pun lagi satu hal. Tu kalau buat clinical la, kalau yang masuk lab nak kena masuk lab so sama je azab dia yang mana mana pun hahaha. But at the end of the semester, bila research proposal dah settle, the feeling is overjoyed. Tapi betul lah hanya orang yang dah pernah rasa azab FYP ni je yang akan paham. Yang belum buat FYP lagi tunggu lah nasib anda hahahaha. Tapi kan to take it from the positive side, seriously it thought me a lot. Bukan dari segi writing je, dari segi tambah ilmu pengetahuan menggunakan word, powerpoint, dan kena banyakkan lah bersabar bila nak buat format thesis. Leceh x 1000000 haa amekau 

So whats next? Professional development
Memang takkan lupa la this 2015 in self development. My personal and professional development increase 200%. Ever since in SOPHYS as head of bureau of entrepreneurship dah belajar macam macam. Leadership and communication. Then started networking slowly with the lecturers and staffs.  And orang CCM. Benda yang kau takkan dapat dalam kelas, you must gained it through experiences. Up to a higher level with my participation in National Gathering of Pharmacy Students by MyPSA. Made lots and lotsa new friends there. One thing in NoGAPS, kena jadi bidan terjun for poster presentation from UiTM. Perasaan dia jangan tanya lah macam jadi wakil seluruh UiTM compete with other universities. One crazy thing but the feeling when actually you won that Alhamdulillah. I guessed from there was my turning point. I should be proud with myself and it was there where I started to have more and more faith in myself. Dengan tidak sengaja (cliche sangat) I am challenging and nominating myself for a position in Malaysian Pharmacy Students Association (MyPSA). I dont know what is gonna happened bcs it is such a big association but I just try my luck there. Lagipun it was a good experience and exposure. So yeah, here I am now, Public Health Officer of MyPSA. 

In MyPSA i really really learned a lot. Yet until now, I am still learning. More and more networking thats for sure but this time with all important ppl in Malaysia (yeah sounds scary), professionalism at its best especially in meetings and communication. Guessed that I am holding the right position bcs I really enjoyed what I am doing. More to go in 2016!! One thing a lot of sacrifices that I have to make; time and studies of course. 

Been representing faculty in Puncak Sports Challenge and dapat top 10 individual for women. Hahahaha biggest achievement in my bowling tournament. Im an amateur bowler k :p Badminton is my passion although im not so good but who cares bcs I enjoyed playing badminton! Practice will make perfect kan. Gonna represent UiTM again for National Pharmacy Sports Carnival in January 2016. We'll see how it gonna go aha

Heartbreaks? I already immune to that I guessed. I am not rushing into relationship so easily although ada yang nak berkenalan leuls *insert emoji monkey tutup mata*. Great things come to those who wait. I need someone that can stay with me through my bad and good times, who can totally understand how my life is and appreciate me the way I am. So i am loving myself and my life now. 

2015 has been a great year to me in all means. Thank you for everyone that contribute to that! All the best for the final exam RX mates! xoxo