Dec 27, 2011

Farewell aiman farewell

Assalamualaikum peeps :)

Picture yang menarik captured by syahmi. credits to him. Oh yaa so this-so-annoying-but-awesome-person had left 4 of us. Went to ALAM (Akademi Laut Malaysia) in Malacca doing foundation in marine engineering (tk igt course tp ME kot) for 6 months. Yeahh I repeat SIXXXXX months. Orang p PLKN pun 3 months saja kot. Anyway, we wished all the best for you pakcik aiman ! :)

Today is the registration day so Im sure you wont be reading this, hahaha. Our last day with him was memorable. Lepas habis kemas barang around 12 midnight Azrin and Syahmi berkejaran dengan Aiman just to put mayonis on his face. Hahaha they looked so childish and immature =p but it was really fun. Nisah and me just watched and laughed at the 'kiddos' hehe ;D

So after the mission accomplished we made a circle around him and its the time for the wishes. Oh wishes again. I dont prepare the script so I dont say anything. Ngehehe but I did sent him a text last night. Biasa laa pekerja terbaik harian mestilah kena menghargai big boss :D We gave him a picture so that he wont forget all of us. Hope so! And took a few pictures yeahhh midnight pictures

Sorry but I have to make the picture in grey and white because it was so huduhhh. Hahah! That little boy is Ilham. "Ilham, Ilham sayang Kak Anis kan?" okayy perasannn :/

Sooo that video is the part of where the wishes come. Hewhewhew :3 Its so dark so you just listen to it. Well itu pun if you want to. =) Okayy lets end this entry with this picture that I cilok from google. Thanks pakcik Google!

Thats all. May Allah bless =)

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