Oct 23, 2011

Blue Terrorist

Assalamualaikum :)

Apa khabar org kampung? Apa motif letak nama kat atas tu? Hahaha itu nama untuk cabutan bertuah dan saya sememangnya tak pernah nak bertuah. Sobs sobs. Okay stop it.

A quick post about the prefects banquet last Saturday. It was held at Kelab BLM. Urghhhh much more boringgggggg than last year. At least last year is much better although perasaan boring tu tetap ada. But anyhow all of us try to enjoy ourself and get rid of the 'boring' part.

Well waktu sampai kat sana dah start makan. Yesss thats great. Dont have to listen to all the kata aluans or whatsoever it is called. Heheh teroks ;p So lets go through the pics okayy ?

They have got their food when I arrived. There were spaghetti, fried rice, laksa, chickens, bla bla bla. Lots more but the food were not too deliciousss. Hahaha. Biasa laa makan kat tempat2 mcm ni bukannya nk sedap mana sgt pon :3

Kuan Che played an English song, but pity him due a technical problem we cant hear him clearly.

I like this picture. Firdaus was trying to say something when I took his photo. =D

Well this is what we got after 2 years being a prefect. Hoho. Worth it much o.O

This boy is a Form Four student from SMKTRJ. Lalalala ~ its Hakim. Part time worker there. Ain dok beramah mesra dengan dia. Hahaha :P I dont know whether Ain really likes him or its just a scandal :P

My best buddy =D But you know that you always annoy me with all the "alphabets" ASAF2RH and bla3. But i'll never told you abt BTP :P

Well. this is abg and adik kesayangan semua org. But they hate it when we called them as abg adik. Especially dino. Hahaha. Alololo sweetnyaaa ;p

The banquet should ended at 6 pm. But there were quite a number of prefects that 'cabut lari' awal. Hahaha but we didn't. So we decided to sing. Hahahahaha =)) Malu teroks but when we realised that this will be our last year soooo aci main redah je laa ! Peace (^,^)

Well today is 23rd October. So it means that another 3 weeks left for the big exam. My feelings? Hahah Sometimes I feel like just wanna runaway from all this but sometimes I feel like ohhh time move faster plishhh I cant wait to feel the freedom :D Multiple personality disorder, am I ? Hahaha.

Okayyy got to gooo ! Biology Paper 1 Pahang Trial is waiting for me to be completed up. We'll see again in the next entry. May you have a nice day ahead peeps. Bonne nuit and take care ! :)

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