Oct 14, 2011

Sweet Seventeen :)

Assalamualaikum :)

And like always the day will come. 12 October had gone again and I am officially seventeen. Ibu cakap sweet seventeen yang orang dok tunggu tunggu. Well I dont even know where is the sweet-ness ?

Hanisah memang advance gilaa lah. 2 days before day wish siap dengan hadiah sekali. And the second one is Aina. Memang happy becoming birthday gak arr. Thank youuu <3

Exactly 12 midnight handphone pun berbunyi. Actually tak sampai 12 lagi dah masukkkk message, Aina punya kerjaa. Jam dia cepat sangat lettew :P And the wishes are too cute and funny too ! Thanks for the remembrance =)

And talking about the gifts, suddenly I got a collection of domo's. Heeee really love itttt ! ^.^
One pencil case and another one is a handphone casing. RAWR !
Oh yaa and nisah again memang suka buat aku rasa nak nangis sebab terharu :P boleh pulak ye cakap nak p medan selera jaaa but then bawak sampai ke frutti frutti ! thankkk youuuu macekkk ! ily ! :)

You're my bodyguard, my shining knight in armour and my best friend ! and will always be :)

Lai lai lai ~ ice cream freeeeee =D

Mukaaa tak sabaq nak makannn XD

Macam pakcik polis traffik yg tengah bg arahan jaa ;p

Memang hodoh tapi mcm comel la plaks :D

Okbai ! nak balikkk dahhh ;)

Thanks againnn for those who remember my birthdayy ! I really love the wishes, cards and presents ! Ohh ya the treats too :) May this 17 will give lots of new experience in teaching me to be more matured in life. =)

Thats all for now ! Will update again soon. Till then, take care ! Bye and assalamualaikum peeps :)

p/s : Is there anybody who wish to add up my domo's collection? Dipersilakannnn its my pleasure. Heeeee =D

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.atynFATHIN. said...

wait for my domokun~~ =)