Mar 19, 2012

Time flies

With the name of Allah the Most Gracious and Most Merciful...

Hai and assalamualaikum you ouls^^ Im having headache and fever right now. My little brother is having high fever and my little sister is in the hospital. Result is coming out soon and believe me im not demam sebab takut nak ambil result kay....although the cuak-ness is there. Maybe because dah berjangkit dengan 2 orang adik kesayangan tu kot. 

By the way, since my last update is just about last week so i got few things to be shared with all of you. *gaya eksaited nk cerita* First of all, I went to a pastry class. and it was super cool. dan yang menambah ke-cool-an itu I met 2 adiks comels there. And ehemmmm guess what they call me?...... akak korea *lalalalala*okayy itu motif utama. Hahaha kidding ;) Balik dari class I try to make those buns and I managed. Super yeayyy! Tiba-tiba azam nak bukak bakery terus meluak-luak ekeke =D

This is my buns. Ada org nak tempah kat saya tak? hehe :D
Well other than that, I got a date with my girlfrenssss tooo! Actually it should be the 7 of us but it ended with only 4 of us. Aku dah cakap dah kalau plan awal-awal mesti takkan jadi punya. Last minute punya plan yang akan jadik jugak. All the plan yang kami rancang semua tak jadi dan all the things that we did on that day was really umplanned :D But then still it was super awesome day with my geliprens :P

And yeah the last one is me and syida guess what? We both went to kelas jahitan. Jahit baju kurung lagi you! :D And told ya sangat susah + leceh. I  wonder why people say baju kurung is the easiest thing to jahit. Huh? Berapa kali bebai sebab silap jahit. Cuma tak jerit jaaa well kena la jaga perangai. manners babe manners :) So the baju kurung itself dah 95% siap cuma kt bhg tangan tu je tak slip masuk ke dalam lagi and with the shoulder pads tk buat lagi. the kain? belum siap apa-apa lagi. InsyaAllah will continue the class on this friday. ^_^

Thats all for now perhaps. The result is coming out. Dup dap dup dap... *fainna ma'al u's riyusra. innama'al u's riyusra* refer to the pic up there for the meaning. 


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