Apr 3, 2012

Down memory lane - school

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning,..to the honourable judges, teachers and friends. I am here today to give you a speech entitle time is precious! Lalalala~ sorry for the craps again. Actually its the script that always loitering around my mind these days. Well its the public speaking text when I was in Standard 5. Standard 5 uols! Represents my school in the district level and if im not mistaken i got the second place. Hooyeahh not to mention that I was the first runner up but ter-mention okay. Ahaks!

Since I have done the 'down memory lane' about my primary school so I would like to have this entry about the school life.

How I miss those moments when I was a kid
Those moments as a primary student to be exact
Those moments when I was too naive and innocent
Those moments where I used to take things for granted
Those moments where I learned to spell things, to learn
Those moments where I used to play batu seremban so much
Those moments where my baju kurung was dirty all the time
Those moments where I was appointed as naib ketua pengawas
Those moments where I was the conductor of choral speaking
Those moments where I celebrate eid-ul-fitr in the school with my friends
Those moments where we sang the raya song together
Those moments...ahhhh I cant write them all! or else sampai esok tak habis kot

Well what i want emphasize here is that I really miss those moments. Seriously school life is the best thing that have the best moment that teaches you to grow up. And as i grow older and older that moments where i was in the primary school become lesser and lesser yet its hard to remember all of them.*aku rasa ayat aku cukup berterabur dah kan?*

patotnya buang HIGH tuu baru betul :)
Well I hate to upload this but this is the only pic that I have of my friends from primary school. I looked so noob there but ahhhh biasa lah kiddo =p

The one yang comel yang raised up his hand is arwah Syazmin Hamdan. he passed away a few days before raya in year 2010. May Allah grant him with Jannah..The rest? I miss them. i miss this moment so much!

This is my school mates too! Taken during our reunion at Central Square. We played bowling ling ling! 
After we played games here we are! together having cuppa tea in the evening =p
I think thats the only pictures that I have in my collections. Elehh itu pun pic yang orang tag kat facebook. Hahaha sorry my printer isn't fuctioning well so I cant scan those 'old school' pictures..

So the next is my high school friends! Of course there will be more and more pictures of us! Hehe cant help taking pictures =p So stay tuned if you are interested but you can just close this tab if you are like aaaaahhh pictures again? i will die o.O

When i was in form 3 we had this 'gansta gang' that we called ourselves as MIRROR FREAKS and we were so 'buat kepala' and we broke some rules too without care it much HAHAHAHA! MF was like a legend *aiseh tipu je kami perasan legend actually* and we did all stuff together and gether. There were eight of us altogether and even the rumah sukan we got pairs! So when we took pictures during sport day macam cantik je laa which is 2 orang akan pakai baju biru 2 org pakai baju merah 2 orang pakai baju hijau and 2 orang pakai baju kuning *eh dah macam traffic light pulak*

This was taken when we were in form 4. those 4 people wearing baju pj's will be leaving other 4 of us :') So this is goodbye session..

This is when kenduri time at zati's house but tini is not here
 Our most enjoyable part is when the PMR ends! I still can remember the last paper was Kemahiran Hidup pilihan 4..and just right after that we went straight away to Pizza Hut Village Mall. Hahahahaha..and with Kemahiran Hidup reference book on my hand!    

And we did so much things after PMR..all the programmes for Pasca PMR was fun and amazing!

We became petani moden re-landscaping our taman kaktus..
    We try to escape ourselves so that we can join the lawatan to Alor Star 
Even we have to tiru our parents signature 
But lastly the lawatan was so boring but then we enjoy cause we have us! 
We played netball in the afternoon and get tanned!
We have lelaki v/s perempuan game of netball 
We went for trip of happiness in Lumut! The best ever :) 

Our cactus gang! With our beloved form teacher, Puan Maziah =)

I dont have the pictures in Lumut cause they are all in the myspace! But then this is the time where we become quite rapat with the boys. I tell you what when we were in form 3 we had such a big perang dunia with the boys! 

Okayh, form 4! That leave us only 4 where the other 4 went to SBP's. The best time was when we went for camping in Kuala Nerang. ^_^

We took quite lots of pictures together there 
And yeah we also learn on how to cast a drama. I acted as Anna ^^ its from the literature, Fruitcake Special. 

Anna is a chemist okayy!=p But at last she decided to be with the pizza boy, Armstrong

4sc2 class bbq. we took pictures after done baling tepung to each other :P muka bertepung je semua

Can i just skip to the form 5? ngeeee..lots of thing happen. senior year that taught me to be more mature. tapi childish tuh ade je. tapi matured la sikit dari tahun tahun sebelumnya kan. 

Bahas ala parlimen in SMK Ibrahim. first runner-up. TERkalah dgn ibrahimians. haha TER =p
Persembahan waktu Hari Guru. the first and ever persembahan that I ever did. this sketsa kitorang reka sendiri, sikit punya kreatif kan!
First time masuk pertandingan forum. And menang peringkat zon tapi no 3 peringkat daerah. Tapi takpa piala besar sukaa! :)

First time camping together with SMS  Sultan Muhammad Jiwa, SMK Che tom and Maktab Mahmud Merbok. The picture with budak2 sekolah mad jiwa =D
First time jugak ambik bahagian dalam pertandingan kawad kaki dan...
MENANGGGGGGGGG! The first place hamper besarrrrr ^_^
Tahun kedua bergelar pengawas and dapat pegang jawatan dalam Ahli Majlis Tertinggi..tak sangka cikgu pilih ohh biasalah menjadi kesayangan cikgu2 kan..haha! pergi prefects banquet pun bangga beb! haha
First time buat surprise party untuk cikgu kesayangan semua, our addmath teacher  Sir Chong! Thank you sir!
And to our english teacher too! Madam Malar :) See told ya, im teacher's favourite all the time! Hehe!
First time jugak kena streaming class yang memeritkan but that leads me to this! Crazy with them! hahaha
See! I will automatically become so manja when with Teacher Asnie hehe :D
But something for sure I become quite rajin and serious when learning bila transfer ke 5sc1 =p
And the time has come..the last day wearing the school uniform..right after bio's paper ^_^ 
Dunno why but I just love this picture! :)
And alhamdulillah scored well..7A's with 2B....=)

The latest picture of me?haha! perlu ke? =p maaf sesi mencapub sebentar XD
 And yeahhh tak sangka banyak jugak new things that I learned and done in form 5. But then tell you what school life is the best! No replacement ever and ever..Glad I've enjoyed the moments even not all the time. So gonna end this such a long entry with this picture below. =) Till then, have a good day peeps! Big claps for you if you are still here reading until my last word :)

p/s : siapa yang bila baca entry nih tak teringat zaman childhood dan zaman persekolahan memang such a hati batu and hati kering punya olang wa cakap sama lu! =p takpon mungkin korang tak ingat dah kot? eh?

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