May 27, 2017

The Attachment Diaries - Part 1

Today is the first day of attachment. This final semester we need to undergo a 4-weeks clinical attachment in the ward. And I’ve been attached to Hospital Serdang. Not really sure how will it goes but according to seniors, Serdang Hospital sangat best! (Im hoping the same thing will happen to us this year). So like previously, I need to wake up at 4.15 am because well I took 1 hour plus minus to get ready. We need to go out early and be ready at faculty before 5.30 am. First impression when I reach here is besaqnyaa cantiknyaa hospital! Hospital baru kan mestilah lawa dan canggih. After briefing session, we meet with our preceptor Miss Lai whose in charge with Male Medical Ward 7C. First day, we go and clerk 2 cases. Our first case is really a long case, jenuh gak aaa nak habiskan progression notes and medication chart. But then, it’s easier because we can access the HIS and everything is recorded there. Our second case is just a simpler one, very simple because he just admitted to the ward.

Me, Aten and Ama join the morning ward round with specialist, MO and HO. Miss Lai as the clinical pharmacist is there too. I am so amazed how pharmacist did the intervention during the ward round. Also on how the specialist including MO discuss the recommendation by pharmacist. Like they really work together as one healthcare team.I mean like (from the stories I heard), usually physicians are not really ‘accepting’ the recommendation from pharmacist. And even sometimes they might end up quarrelling over the best therapeutic plan for the patient. To look it from a bright side, actually whether you are a pharmacist or a physician, we want the best therapeutic plan for the patient. So yeah, this is a common thing happened in practice. After lunch, we just completed the case that we clerked and try to understand fully the case.

It’s the presentation day! Last night, Oya and me, we were both so exhausted that we didn’t manage to complete our slide. So, this morning we are so busy completing and discussing on our case. Presentation to Miss Lai goes well. We discuss on the PCI a lot! Miss Lai is totally such a woman crush. She is a clinical pharmacist, have lots of knowledge, beautiful, kind, talk softly and so many more! Wish that I can be like her one day. We finished our presentation just about lunch hour. And yeay we are free after that teehee!

Last day for this week at medical ward. Since we have done our presentation, literally we did nothing today except for killing time. We discussed on the case and how to do the report etc. Then, we can have our own time. Pastu, the best part is balik awal today yay! Oh yaa, this is our last day before Ramadhan starts. We will go home at 3pm during Ramadhan. It is because our Dean is so concerned on us that we need to wake up early in the morning and only to reach Palam almost Maghrib. So she give us the approval to go back early yay! 

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