May 10, 2017

Counting days?

With the name of Allah the Most Gracious and Most Merciful

So its already May. I have been wanting to do blogging (so badly) but I always ended up doing other things. Always and always good at procrastination.

Can’t believe the fact that I’m leaving this place in another approximately 2 months time. A place with thousand of memories. A place that thought me to be better and wiser, in all aspects. A place where I learned to survive living alone and start everything from scratch. Yes from scratch. And I never regret of that.

6 years ago (back in 2012), this is the place where I started my first tertiary education. And it was my first time being apart from my family. I had never thought that I am coming again to this place for my undergraduate studies. But, He is the best Planner and He knows what is the best for each of us. And yet, I really love my undergraduate years here. UITM Di Hatiku!

Okay sekejap nak fikir apa tujuan buat post ni haha hmm I actually wanted to rant over something but come to think about it again, I don’t think that is feasible because yeah I know lots of people (whom I knew) actually read my blog. So no, I just want all the positive vibes in my blog. Although my desire for blogging will be at its peak whenever I am at my lowest point.

A year passed by so quickly, like really quick. I still remember my first hospital attachment last year in Hospital Putrajaya (oh I love everything about HPJ!). And now, its my junior’s turn. And we are now the senior who will be having the 4-weeks-of-clinical-attachment and also the longest hospital attachment among these 3 semesters. I actually really looking forward for this attachment (no not a nerdy geek) but I don’t know I just get excited. Mungkin juga because its the longest hospital attachment sebab I suka duduk hospital. But surely its also nerve-wrecking because I don’t know whether I am ready physically, mentally or whether I am ready with all the clinical knowledge. But I'm excited to clerk case and acting like a real pharmacist (hmm too much maybe?) I'll talk about my hospital attachment in next post, maybe? (kalau rajin!)

For sure ilmu di dada belum cukup but to think on the other side, I like the practical session more and I believe we can learn more in that way. But of course with a theoretical session beforehand. So I need to constantly remind myself to REVISE and REVISE and PREPARED MYSELF before the practical session. We have like another 11 more days to go. Haa ambik kau sempat ke nak cover semua ilmu klinikal dalam 11 HARI! Mohon doakan yuk kawan kawan :’)

Semoga Allah melapangkan dada dalam menuntut ilmu dan semoga ilmu yang belajar dapat dimanfaatkan untuk kesejahteraan umat. Amiinnn.

So lets start having a productive days ahead, pretty please. Man jadda wajada! 

p/s : its so hard to give this post a title because I dont have any theme pun 

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