Sep 24, 2012

Swing mood

With the name of Allah the Most Gracious and Most Merciful 


I've always been in swing mood lately. Yeaaa I noticed that. Dont know why but it upset me much seeing my friends updating their facebook's status about studying abroad. I shouldn't be upset when at the same time I should pray for their safety and success! But sorry I just can't help myself.

It always been my dreams to study overseas... And that feeling you feel when you see all your close friends are going to study abroad and you are here in malaysia.... Seorang demi seorang dah fly...

Seriously it kills. I know it doesn't count where are you studying actually but can somebody please understand that it is my DREAM my HOPE to study oversea...SERIOUSLY IM DYING TO STUDY OVERSEA...And to see somebody else doing what you are wishing for to do, it hurts. 

Oh dont get too emotional anis! Control yourself! But really thats what I feel. And to see them updating pictures lagi laaaaa kan. Boleh menangis ohhh. Dear ibu ayahhhh, angah nak sambung oversea jugak no matter what... please ibu ayahhh? =( 

I've been aiming for University of Edinburgh, UK since I was in Form 4. I really really reallllllyyyyyyyy hope to go there. But now MARA dah kurangkan medic oversea tambah tambah lagi ke UK. Hmmm pergi Ireland pun okayyy. RCIS, Ireland.

And to those who safely arrived and will be flying: needa, affan, syahmi, muhsin, qusyairi, azrin, syida, tini and zati; if only one of you are reading this dont worry Im just okay. Just get too emotional cause you all semua nak tinggalkan I =P

To everyone who are reading this study well and may we all succeed! :) happy studying xoxo!

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