Sep 6, 2012

La Tahzan

With the name of Allah the Most Gracious and Most Merciful 

And suddenly I felt that I have been too cruel to the people around me :( Asif jiddan. So sorrrryyy. I always hoped that I can statisfy everybody. But i knew that i am not perfect and i will never reach perfection. So guys again i am sorry for all my wrong doings whether intentionally or unintentionally :(

Test 2 and final is coming in less than a month time. And i am having a verrrrrryyyyyy HECTIC and TIRING week. Full of assignments, tutorials, presentations and not to mention lab reports like usual. And all of that to be passed up next week -________- Oh yaaa speaking test too *muka dah macam ni ----> (@_@)*

Still got lots more to revise and at the same time I feel so bad to myself :( Feeling like hemm hemm being hated by everyone. Being not appreciated by everyone. Being isolated by everyone. But then like always i'll just shut the mouth up and act like nothing ever happened to me. OH YEAH I AM TRULY OKAY ._. 

ps/: sumpah rasa teruk sangat :(( rasa tak mampu jadi kawan yang baik untuk mereka semua. entah lah 

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