Sep 26, 2013


Degree life somehow can turn you crazy and miserable. Thought that I was strong enough to tackle this thing out. But then being a normal human being there are times when we feel so down. Yet it is so difficult for me now. Everything seems so hard to catch. Everything seems to be unorganized. And the worst part is time waits for no man. The clock is ticking and I cant barely know what I have already done for the past 3 weeks. Yeah a month almost to pass by...

I always think that I am capable of overcoming this sort of problem. Well I dont even thought that it can turn out to be like this. Never thought of it! I have confident in myself before. But dont know where it is wrong after few sessions of OC it changed me lots. Come to worst, will be having our first test before eid adha and that really drives me crazy!

Who says degree is an easy thing? Meh nak ketuk kepala! Its totally different with foundation and matric life and even school life. Although Ive been go through foundation which is lots people say that as a pre-degree life, still I dont think it was. You know, when you feel so down and cant even digest anything the best cure is back to Him. Allah As-Sami' - The All Hearing.

Its time to regain back my confident. Its time to shine back. Its time to stand up and fight! Dean list for ibu and ayah - thats my wish. Dear friends who are reading this, please do pray for me. And dont worry I always pray for my friends' success together ;)


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