Aug 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: August Wishes!

With the name of Allah the Most Gracious and Most Merciful

So longggggg and i missed my lil bloggy so much! Its not that I dont have time but Ive been busy with the tutorials assignments and shoppingggg hahaha -____-  And the tests were over already. Congrates to me for the 'super flying colors result'. Need to struggle hard to maintain a good carry mark for final exam. I really NEED TO. HAVE TO. Nak jadi kebanggaan ibu dan ayah, insyaAllah.

Oh ya, FYI for the first time in my life I felt sooooooo stress with the studies. Biology to be exact. Okay FYI again biology is my weakness. I dont really like biology much. Even sometimes i dont even know the basic things. -,- Sooooo the night before bio's quiz I end up with crying because of being so stress! T_T so pathetic so sad so lifeless. I feel so down that I feel I cant scored well in the test. I even thought that maybe I would be getting 10 marks only and that is maximum marks that I can score. So pathetic isn'it?

But then I realized that budak yang bernama siti anis afiqah bux is a very strong girl, determined and always be motivated in whatever conditions. Come hell or high water she will always be positive. Super awesome! :) Eh eh suddenly I just feel like wanna qoute a lyric here =D
" lalu ku bangkit tegak berdiri mengatur langkahku terus mendaki cita citaku di mercu"
And I really wanna thanks hanisah hussin for lending me your 'shoulders' for me to cry on. Talking to your best friend when you have problem is really a good theraphy. Merci beacoup! :) 

Well then I decided to spend the weekends after those turturing weeks of test just for shoppinggggg! Even along sanggup make her way from perlis to kuala lumpur just for shopping. But then I really enjoyed my days there! I mean my days for shopping hikhik. Plus this is my way to treat myself after struggling for the test and also one of the way to release stress k :D 

So here's my August wishes:
- I will fall in love with biology 
- Scored well in the quizzes 
- Scored well in the test even its just CTU and BEL 
- Focus during lecture class. Dont play play
- Nak duit raya bebanyakkkkk! =DD

Till we meet again in the next entry! Take care and have a good day ahead! Keep being positive! xoxo :)

p/s: Chom suruh mention nama dia dalam blog. So chom yang comel hikhiks aku dah mention ni. Apa ye nak cerita? Haaa actually aku kenal kau dulu sebelum kau kenal aku k. Sebab nama kau oti selalu je sebut. Nora pun selalu cerita jugak. Tapi tak sangka pulak kau kawan dengan amirul. So we are all linked together :D

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