Jun 20, 2012

lots of love: puncak alam :)

Assalamualaikum. salam sejahtera. salam satu malaysia. salam satu puncak (untuk student puncak perdana :D) semoga hari hari anda akan terus awesome dan awesome. okay the reason why i crap at first is that I felt very awkward updating my blog here. in uitm puncak alam, in my room especially. so i need to do all those crapping until i have got my rhythm again.

Okay, jadi this is my second week of studying which includes all those lectures, tutorials and labs. but its my third week in puncak alam or lets just make it short as palam. Well, I do find this place as interesting, awesome, beautiful, modern, well-equipped and so on EXCEPT for the tangga kejayaan! tapi mungkin ada je keberkatan dari tangga kejayaan tu kan. who knows? ;)

Im in group C8 of foundation of science. The best part is in my class, boys are the one whos being oppressed. kihkihkih. just imagine the ratio is just about 9 boys:23 girls. so the power is on us, women! *evil face* k lets just drop the subject. hm apa lagi aku nak bebel?

okay about the accomodation, well its all first-class. dewan kuliah yang awesome giler. in each dewan kuliah ada its own wifi (motif?) one building to one building yang sangat jauh (okay is this for goods?) and not to mention kat sini stay kat apartmen. wahhh bajet je aku namakan as apartmen kan. well it looks like =p

oh ya! awal-awal lagi aku dah kena sound dengan lecturer. hurghh! fobia! but i think she's the mak tiri type. but luckily its not my lecturer, i mean lecturer yang mengajar aku. its just pensyarah for m cocuriculum. alhamdulillah :D cakap pasal pengalaman, aku pernah juga tersalah masuk lecture orang lain! sumpah malu terok! *_* dengan muka bajet sure je itu memang kelas aku tsk tsk. mmg sedih disitu. actually kelas aku just right after kelas tu. bajet masuk kelas awal lah kan, sekali masuk silap kelas pulak.

okay, i realy really need to go now. jotter bio tak siap lagi! im going to be a dead meat tomorrow! will update later, for sure with lots more of pictures. its just that sekarang ni aku malas nak transfer lagi gambar ye. so till then, take care of yourself! have a good day ahead!

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