Jul 2, 2011

honeyyy-sah : just for you :)

Happy birthdayy sweetheart ! I love youuu seriously ;)

I cant tell how much you mean to me. you are my strength when I was down, you are the best shoulder to lend over when I wanna cry, you are the best smile when I am sad, you are the best cuddle to play with and you are the best friend that I ever have :)

Tahun yang ke-8 friendship kita kan ? I love that record ;) Still remember that night when we were gazing at the stars thinking of our future ? Hahah ! how we hoped that we can further our studies overseas and that time we are still together ? Ohhh sweeet. *aminnn :)

And oh yeah you seventeen-old-year-girl I hope you loved that present ! Advance kan ? Because I wanna be the first person to wish you happy birthday ;) and you know whatt, I really dont know how to repay all your kindness girl, seriouslyyy there were too manyyyyy of them. this is all I can do, your first angry bird, then after this our secret recipe's timeeee ! memandangkan next year we will be 18, and that time we MAY BE far apart, thats why I planned all this. the best and ever for you to remind of ;)


p/s : I am so grateful that God sends you to me ! :)) *nama kita ada chemistry kan? hANISah-anis :D


.atynFATHIN. said...

bestnya jadi hanisah, dpt secret recipe, :D
happy birthday hanisah! :))

Hanisah Hussin said...

thanks very very much..terharunya.
seriously i pn bangga dgn friendship kita ni..hope forever..and three of us(aina skali sbb aina dh msuk gang) can be besties forever.i love you too :))
fathin: suruh ur bestfriend buat..hehe :D